Read Me I am Yours

Knjiga in prevodni projekti 
Društvo slovenskih pisateljev (vodja) 
Ustvarjalna Evropa (2014-2020) - Kultura / Projekti sodelovanja 2018
Podpora EU
200.000 EUR

Vodja: Društvo slovenskih pisateljev (SI)
Partnerji: FRAKTURA (HR), Galway Arts Centre Ltd. (IE)

Vrednost projekta: 385.694,36 EUR
Višina podpore EU: 200.000 EUR (51,85 %)
Trajanje projekta: 1. 12. 2018–30. 11. 2020

The partners in the project Read Me I am Yours are coming from different parts of Europe representing lesser-spoken languages: Slovenia, Ireland and Croatia. All partners are convinced that it is our mother tongue that gives us the ground of experience and self-orientation on which we can move, create, and constitute ourselves as political, social and spiritual beings with the greatest possible confidence.

Literature will be put in space, combined with other art forms, and reinforcing critical consideration of literature, arts and culture. The project will hosts writers, critics, translators, cultural mediators in order to meet, exchange ideas and discuss plans for future projects. Exchanges and residencies will stimulate the mobility of people words and ideas as well as offer the professional opportunities to people working in the field of literature. Special programmes for children will raise new generations of readers and future decision makers. Discussions will open the important cultural and social topics that will lead to further investigations. The portal Read Me I am Yours will become a reference point on the literary field. (Source: EAC.)

Project partners are organizers of literary festivals: Vilenica Festival (SI), Cúirt Festival of Literature (IE) and Festival of World Literature (HR).

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