Caravan. Artists on the Road (Caravan. Umetniki na poti)

Uprizoritvene umetnosti (gledališče, ples) in glasba 
Kulturno izobraževalno društvo KIBLA (partner) 
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino (IT) 
Kultura (2007-2013) / Razpis za leto 2011 za Sklop 1.1 (Projekti večletnega sodelovanja) in Sklop 1.2.1 (Projekti sodelovanja)
Podpora EU
1.474.881 EUR

Vodja projekta: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino (IT)
Partnerji: Università degli Studi di Torino (IT), Universidade da Coruña (ES), Teater Spira (SE), Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium / Odin Teatret (DK), Projekte, Action, Kunst, Theater P.A.K.T. eingetragener Verein (DE), Wydział Sztuk Pięknych Projektowych Wyższej Szkole Informatyki (PL), Movimento Delle Associazioni di Volontariato Italiano Onlus (IT), Association of Local Democracy Agencies (FR), Association for Culture and Education KIBLA (SI), Общински Театър “Възраждане” (BG)

Europe is facing an era of crises and transformations, in general and not only in the economic field, which generates profound repercussions on society.
The “CARAVAN. Artists on the Road” Project (hereinafter referred to as the “CARAVAN Project” or the “Project”) originates from this context and intends to build up the theme of “Reviving from Crises” by means of cultural interventions and artistic performances. In particular, the Project will promote dialogues among those places in Europe which are hit by crises but, along with loss and pains, have developed rich experiences of solidarity, hence hope of “renascence”, from inside of the community. The artistic-creative activities of the Project will give prominence to the value of such places and contribute to them more visibility, thus render such places a model of civilization and culture at European level.

In this regard, Community Theatre is one of the most effective and efficient ways to integrate, develop and enhance the relations among the members of a community.

The CARAVAN Project is an international cultural cooperation project based on interventions of Community Theatre. It pursues the mission of boosting the cultural and social empowerment of local communities in some symbolic places of crises.

The Project will select four “places of crises and renascence” located in four different countries to carry out social-cultural interventions. In the first phase, four big events of Community Theatre will take place in the aforesaid four “places of crises and renascence”, whilst in the second phase four itinerant theatre productions will be created and circulated throughout Europe. A multimedia equipped Caravan Theatre will be developed and utilized during the entire implementation of the Project.

The Project is divided into two macro areas: (1) performative area, including all of the artistic-creative and implementing activities of the Project, and (2) disseminative area, comprising publications, seminars, workshops and all other efforts to spread the results of the Project.
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Trajanje projekta: 2. maj 2011–31. oktober 2014

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