Le Lieu, Laboratorie Instrumental Europeen

Uprizoritvene umetnosti (gledališče, ples) in glasba 
Slowind (partner) 
Ensemble Aleph (FR) 
Kultura (2007-2013) / Razpis 2009: Program Kultura (2007-2013)
Podpora EU
200.000 EUR

Vodja projekta: Ensemble Aleph (FR)
Partnerji: Glasbeno društvo Slowind (SI), Latvian Music Information Centre (LV), Miso Music Portugal Associaçao Cultural (PT), Music Centre the Netherlands (NL), Stichting Insomnio (NL), Das Neue Ensemble/Musik 21 (DE)

Vir: Ensemble Aleph.
Vir: Ensemble Aleph.

The LIEU (Laboratoire Instrumental EUropéen), is dedicated to the diffusion of contemporary musical creation. Its purpose is the construction of a European network of partners united by a charter of quality and challenge. It favours creation, exchanges between groups, structures and European composers, as well as the circulation of works and artistes from all over the world.
A first, two-year project has been launched for which the Théâtre Dunois in Paris is the base. This small Parisian theatre receives each of the ensembles of LIEU in residence alongside the Ensemble Aleph, at the initiative of the network. All partner structures also receive, in turn, events organised by LIEU. Over two years, there have thus been some fifty musicians involved and more than 25 works premiered in some thirty events in eight European countries (Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Latvia, the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovenia).
(Vir: Ensemble Aleph)

Trajanje projekta: 10. 5. 2009–9. 5. 2011

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