Kulturna dediščina 
Dvorec Rakičan, Raziskovalno izobraževalno središče (partner) 
Provincia di Padova (IT) 
Ustvarjalna Evropa (2014-2020) - Kultura / Projekti sodelovanja 2019
Podpora EU
195.178 EUR

Vodja: Provincia di Padova (IT)
Partnerji: Butterfly Arc S.r.l. (IT), Fundacion Santa Maria la Real del Patrimonio Historico (ES), Museum of Lebork (PL), Raziskovalno izobraževalno središče Dvorec Rakičan (SI)

Vrednost projekta: 325.299 EUR (60 %)
Višina podpore EU: 195.178 EUR

MUS.NET., is a project about Audience Development devised for a network of European culture institutions which manage small museums complying with the first priority of the 2015-2018 EU Work Plan for Culture for “Accessible and inclusive culture, with regard to the research and marketing to reach out to new audience groups” It is also a project fulfilling the requirements of the second priority “Cultural heritage, referring to the awareness-raising activities of citizens on their cultural background”.

In fact MUS.NET aims to preserve the cultural heritage and develop the cultural awareness of new community members. Partners want to offset the decrease of visitors in small museums that produces heavy consequences on the financial and economic sustainability, undermining the social and educational development of the communities MUS.NET addresses the third priority: “Creative economy and innovation will be effectively put into practice with the creation of new skills and innovation methods in communicating and reaching the prospective visitors” because the training of the museum staff and volunteers shall point at applying technology to capture the attention of visitors and create a bond with them, to bring back visitors , to customize the museum tours, to communicate and use successfully the social network, to take advantage of the medias and the websites.

The key of MUS.NET audience development is technology that will transform the museum experience, get people to visit and to interact with the exhibits. The fourth priority “Promotion of cultural diversity, culture in EU external relations, and mobility, spreading the results of the MUSNET across Europe and strengthening the bond among the project partners” shall be at the core of the reinforcement of the relations between the MUS.NET museums and the sharing of activities, researches and visitors.

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