Interdisciplinarni projekti 
Hiša! društvo za ljudi in prostore (vodja) 
Ustvarjalna Evropa (2014-2020) - Kultura / Projekti sodelovanja 2017
Podpora EU
60.000 EUR

Vodja projekta: Hiša! Društvo za ljudi in prostore so.p. (SI)
Partnerji projekta: Associação de Antigos Alunos da Universidade de Aveiro (PT), Bass Culture s.l.r. (IT), Kirklees Theatre Trust (UK)

Trajanje projekta: 1. september 2017–1. avgust 2019

LUCity is a project bringing communities and artists together on an international level. Light installations produced by local communities working with local and international artists will be put up in their public but degraded spaces, developing new relationships between citizens, art and urban space.

The project will address the usage of the commons; enrich the local understanding of multi-cultural dialogue and other cultural lineaments and provide networking opportunities for artists.
The project places audience development at it’s heart, identifying target participants in each location that amongst the least engaged (often for economic reasons) and developing a process that integrates them and responds to their needs.
LUCity will be incorporated into bigger local events to enable cross fertilisation of audiences, broader dissemination of learning and generate interest for future development.
The project will develop the skills and capacity of project managers and their organisations to build processes and experience to deliver transnational projects.
The results of LUCity will be researched and disseminated in carefully chosen online platforms where it will be easily accessible. It is structured as an overall rounded experience for all participating parties and enabling them to live culture and strengthen their multi-cultural sense of belonging to a bigger entity, which is the EU.

Aktivnosti projekta:
Ustvarjalne sinergije na steirischer herbst 19 v Gradcu
V mesto ob Dravi bo kmalu prispela Lumina

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