ENQuETE art – Experimental Nonpartisan Questioning of Enduring Technologies in Economy

Interdisciplinarni projekti 
Znanstveno raziskovalno združenje za umetnost, kulturno-izobraževalne programe in tehnologijo EPeKa (ZRZ EPeKa) (partner) 
Kultura (2007-2013) / Razpis za leto 2013 za Sklop 1.1 (Projekti večletnega sodelovanja) in Sklop 1.2.1 (Projekti sodelovanja)
Podpora EU
200.000 EUR

Vodja: TROIA GmbH (DE)
Partnerji: EPeKa – Scientific and Research association for Art etc. (SI), Resistance Studies Network Gothenburg University (SE), Fundacji na rzecz Collegium Polonicum w Słubicach (PL)

ENQuETE art – Experimental Nonpartisan Questioning of Enduring Technologies in Economy

The project aims to improve living conditions, in particular of European citizens, through the deployment of art. Art can offer a viable way to overcome the moment when we realise that the rights and relations that we previously took for granted have been irrevocably effected by the “unleashed” force of the financial markets. for this purpose ENQuETE art invents a toolkit for a better future.
these “tools” shall enable, sustain and improve our lives beyond the market.
Following the idea of a “public inquiry”, an official review of events or actions ordered by a government body, ENQuETE art initiates a taskforce of imagination that searches for solutions in the areas of public and private life that have been dramatically distorted by a culture of greed.

Invited artists develop enduring visions – with the help of citizens, scientist, politicians and entrepreneurs – in the following fields: financial system, food, health, labour, climate.

ENQuETE art is a series of exhibitions, workshops, public conferences, public space actions and a media campaign in rural zones as well as in metropoles.

the project therefor pools eleven co-organisers and partners from five European countries which work in such different cultural fields like art, social research, education and innovation. This diverse group of schools, NGOs, foundations, art organisations and development agencies and their wide range of low threshold, interdisciplinary activities targets at developing a diverse audience of citizens: from children to seniors, entrepreneurs to employees, officials to social activists.
All activities encourage civil participation, stimulate creativity, help improving social skills and foster the construction of a responsible civil society. By an examplary glocal approach they activate local communities to make people aware of the needs of their community guided by a sense of solidarity.
(vir: EK)

Trajanje projekta: 1. 6. 2013–30. 4. 2015

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