Dance On, Pass On, Dream On

Uprizoritvene umetnosti (gledališče, ples) in glasba 
Umetniško društvo Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija (partner) 
Diehl+Ritter GUG (Haftungsbeschrankt) (DE) 
Ustvarjalna Evropa (2014-2020) - Kultura / Projekti sodelovanja 2020
Podpora EU
2.000.000 EUR

Koordinator: Diehl+Ritter GUG (Haftungsbeschrankt) (DE)
Partnerji: Ariona Hellas AE (EL), Codarts, University for the Arts (NL), Compagnie Jus de la Vie (SE), Consorci Mercat de les Flors/Centre de les arts de Moviment (ES), KUMQUAT Productions (FR), Sadler’s Wells Trust Limited (UK), Station Service for Contemporary Dance (RS), Stichting Holland Dance Festival (NL), Stuk Kunstencentrum (BE), Umetniško društvo Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija (SI)

Vrednost projekta: 4.000.000 EUR
Višina podpore EU: 2.000.000 EUR (50 %)
Trajanje projekta: 1. 9. 2020–30. 4. 2024

Dance On, Pass On, Dream On is a cooperation between 11 European dance institutions to address structural ageism and the fragility of intangible heritage in the dance sector. During its 1st phase, from 2016 – 2019, the project put forward a European strategy for a sustainable dance praxis valuing age and embodied knowledge on stage and in society.

Building on this strategy, the 2nd phase of DOPODO will expand its scope and geographical reach in all three project strands: Dance On envisions a Europe of ageless movement, where older dancers are valued for their experience and charisma. More than 200 exceptional professional dancers between 40 and 80 will be offered employment opportunities to produce 24 new dance works created in transnational co-operation. They will result in 395 performances in 18 countries, including at 11 international festivals. The Dance On Ensemble will set an example as a best practice approach to a European touring dance company for older dancers.

Pass On imagines a Europe that cherishes its dance heritage and preserves it as a source of inspiration for future generations. 9 intergenerational productions and 25 masterclasses for over 620 dance students recognise the important role of older dancers as carriers of embodied knowledge. 3 digital dance archives and 12 digitisation workshops for researchers and industry professionals, plus 4 co-operations with European museums, will make Europe’s neglected dance heritage more visible.

Dream On builds a Europe where every body matters, where dancing and creative activities are a natural part of growing older. 10 participatory dance projects in 8 countries will invite over 2.200 older people to collaborate with dancers and artists. 8 peer learning activities will develop the sector’s capacity for providing meaningful experiences for older people, improving happiness and wellbeing. Documentations of local projects will result in 3 short films that will bring the work to a wider European audience.

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