The Perennial Biennial

Vizualne umetnosti 
Mednarodni grafični likovni center (partner) 
Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art Ltd. (UK) 
Ustvarjalna Evropa (2014-2020) - Kultura / Projekti sodelovanja 2018
Podpora EU
200.000 EUR

Vodja: Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art Ltd. (UK)
Partnerji: Bergenstriennalen AS (NO), biedriba Rigas Starptautiska Bienale (LV), Mednarodni grafični likovni center (SI), KW Institute for Contemporary Art – Kunst-Werke Berlin ev (DE)

Vrednost projekta: 335.480 EUR
Višina podpore EU: 200.000 EUR (59,62 %)
Trajanje projekta: 1. 8. 2018–1. 8. 2021

The project Perennial Biennial will develop sustainable models of practice, curatorial development and research in the biennial field between 2018 and 2021.

Over the last four years, Europe has witnessed significant political and cultural changes. This unrest has brought about an urgency and desire for closer collaboration in the arts. The Perennial Biennial has been developed in response to this and will operate as a year-round collaboration to further the field of biennial practice and strengthen European biennial networks across five major partners in Germany, Latvia, Slovenia, Norway and the UK.

The project will support curatorial practice, research, writing and discourse in the biennial field through collaborative working, staff exchanges and the sharing of expertise and models for sustainable practice. Its aim is to create dynamic national and international commissioning partnerships, which will strengthen the biennial sector in each location. The network will support a number of European Biennials to participate in the International Biennial Association (IBA).

(Vir / Source & further info at Liverpool Biennal.)

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