European Libraries of emotions© (LOE)

Knjiga in prevodni projekti 
Mestna knjižnica Kranj (partner) 
Love for Livres (FR) 
Ustvarjalna Evropa (2014-2020) - Kultura / Projekti sodelovanja 2020
Podpora EU
192.403 EUR

Projekt: European “Libraries of emotions© (LOE)”: a new path for public libraries to capture audiences and support social transformations in Europe
Koordinator: Love for Livres (FR)
Partnerji: Biblioteka Miejska in Lodz (PL), Bibliothèque de l’espace carême (BE), Kauno Miesto Savivaldybes Vinco Kudirkos Viesoji Biblioteka (LT), Mestna knjižnica Kranj (SI), Public Libraries 2030 (BE)

Vrednost projekta: 321.527 EUR
Višina podpore EU: 192.403 EUR (59.84 %)

The Library of Emotions project will create a network of pioneering public libraries that want to explore new ways to promote reading in the EU.
For the first time, they will codevelop and set up in their libraries a Library where books are ordered according to reading emotions. They will also be trained to bibliotherapy and will host 24 sessions with their users and beyong, focused on young people.

Through this programme, the public libraries will acquire new digital skills and a knowledge of cognitive sciences applied to the cultural sector. They will invent a new way to foster social inclusion through culture.

The results of the experimentation will be widely communicated and disseminated through a Creative Commons bibliotherapy methodology, a research paper, social media campaigns, a closing event in Brussels gathering diverse stakeholders and a presence at the international Frankfurt Book fair in 2021.

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