Our Little Library: Let’s meet children’s authors and illustrators

Project area
Books and Reading / Literary Translation 
Sodobnost International Cultural Society (lead) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / European cooperation projects 2017
EU funding
200.000 EUR

Project leader: Sodobnost International Cultural Society (SI)
Project partners: Agencja Edytorska Ezop S. C. Elżbieta i Mariola Cichy (PL), Ibis grafika d.o.o. (HR), Liels un mazs (LV), Nieko rimto UAB (LT), OÜ Päike ja Pilv (EE)

KUD Sodobnost: Naša mala knjižnica - potujoči kovčki.The project Our Little Library: Let’ meet children’s authors and illustrators aims to promote 21 European children’s authors and illustrators who are well known at home but not necessarily in other European countries. The participating publishing houses are facing difficulties in bringing the work of their best authors and illustrators to a wider European market. To expand national literatures beyond national borders they decided to cooperate in this project and develop and implement new strategies on finding them new audience and empowering our publishing houses.

They wish to remove the boundaries between young readers and authors with the series of events in all six countries. The tour of authors and illustrators is their strategy of promotion. They will travel for 15 months in all six countries and their journey will be accessible on-line. The well planned promotion will focus on the use of digital technologies that are close to today generations. They will try to guarantee a direct as well as indirect contact with young readers and change reading of books into intense, memorable and enjoyable event. The project will be enriched by different promotional and creative activities that will underline recreation of stories and offer a personal creative experience to young readers: “Can you draw a character?”, “I can write a story”, “Let’s play the story” …

They will organise a 3-day International seminar in Ljubljana that will be dedicated to the problems of publishing industry in changing circumstances and to looking for new exchange opportunities. They will invite publishers from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain (Catalonia), Romania and the six partner countries.

Project duration: 30 October 2017–29 October 2019

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