CEE Animation Workshop 2019–2021 (2nd year)

Project area
Film and Audiovisual Projects 
Slovenian Animated Film Association (lead) 
Creative Europe (2014-2020) - MEDIA / Support to Training 2019 (Renewal of FPA agreements)
EU funding
160.000 (2.leto)

Coordinator: Društvo slovenskega animiranega filma (DSAF)
Partners: Zveza društev slovenskih filmskih ustvarjalcev (SI), Društvo za oživljanje zgodbe 2 koluta (SI), Asociace animovaného filmu (CZ), CEE Animation Institute (CZ), Asociácia producentov animovaného filmu (SK)
Total project amount: 205.000 EUR (first year: 2018/2019)
EU funding: 155.000,00 EUR (first year: 2018/2019), 160.000,00 EUR (second year: 2019/2020);
Project duration: 1 September 2018–31 August 2021

CEE Animation Workshop is a regional training initiative for animation. This year long programme of training, project development and networking for producers and their creative teams is focused on animated or hybrid projects of all lengths and types (shorts, features, series, documentary&fiction, also hybrid projects with a considerable amount of animation). It is also open to professionals (studios, freelance, public institutions, distributors, broadcasters etc.) without a project with interest in animation.

CEE Animation Workshop aims at low audiovisual capacity countries, members of the Creative Europe MEDIA programme, while focus is on Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

The year-long cycle of the workshop is divided into three 6-day modules. First module is dedicated to content development, second to production and financing and third to accessing the market.  The third module is organized alongside the CEE Animation Forum (former Visegrad Animation Forum (VAF)), an established pitching and access to market platform, inviting decision-makers for animation.

Timeline of the second edtion:
– 29 November – 5 December 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia
– 16 – 21 March 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia (tbc)
– 4 – 9 May 2020 in Liberec, Czech Republic (merging with the CEE Animation Forum)

The objective of CEE Animation Workshop is to raise the competencies of CEE animation professionals and give them equal access to financing and the market as their Western peers, by fostering co-production and sustainable business models. Lectures and presentations of recent trends in production, marketing and distribution, case studies of international co-productions, financial and legal matters and other important elements will be provided by acclaimed international experts. A special focus is on inclusion of artists of different profiles who collaborate in group work with participants and share their experiences and skills.

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