LINA – Learn, Interact, and Network in Architecture

Project area
Architecture, Design and Applied Arts 
Fakulteta za arhitekturo Univerze v Ljubljani (lead) 
Creative Europe (2021–2027) - CULTURE / European Platforms 2021
EU funding
2.100.000 EUR

Coordinator: Faculty of Architecture at University of Ljubljana (SI)
Platforme members:

EU support: 2.100.000 EUR
Project duration: 36 months

Call for ProjectsArchitects, landscape architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, researchers, artists, curators, and other creative professionals at the beginnings of their careers are invited and encouraged to apply. Applicants must be from countries of the European Union or countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme. Deadline: 12 September 2022.
Authors of the selected projects will present their work at the LINA conference in Ljubljana on 21-22 October 2022. The Platform will cover travel within Europe and accommodation costs …

LINA is a well-balanced ecosystem of European cultural players in architecture, coordinated by Faculty of Architecture at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The platform is powered by a consortium of organizations and institutions that have been the creators of the Future Architecture platform program for the last six years. The Future Architecture consortium will continue its work under a new name and with a new coordinator, as collaboration with the previous coordinator is no longer possible.

LINA is a model of European programming in the field of architecture, which connects emerging professionals in architecture with key European producers of architectural activities and events in the common European architectural program. It will connect multi-disciplinary emerging talents to high profile institutions, biennials, triennials, festivals, museums, galleries and publishing houses as well as universities and research centres.

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