Migrations in Reality

Project area
Books and Reading / Literary Translation 
Polica Dubova Cultural and Artistic Association (lead) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / Literary translation 2018
EU funding
30.000 EUR

Project duration: 1. 3. 2019–28. 2. 2021

List of books:
– Kevin Barry: City of Bohane*. Translation from English into Slovene by Alenka Jovanovski.
– Ivana Myšková: White Animals Are Very Often Deaf. Translation from Czech into Slovene by Tatjana Jamnik.
– Myrto Azina Chronides: Experiment*. Translation from Greek into Slovene by Lara Unuk.
– Sunjeev Sahota: The Year of Runaways*. Translation from English into Slovene by Petra Meterc.
– J. G. Ballard: The Crystal World. Translation from English into Slovene by Ana Jasmina Oseban.
– Igiaba Scego: Adua. Translation from Italian into Slovene by Alenka Jovanovski.
– Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki: Rose’s Home. Krýsuvík. A Lullaby for a Hanged Man. Translation from Polish into Slovene by Tatjana Jamnik.
– Jacek Dukaj: In the Land of the Unbelievers. Translation from Polish into Slovene by Jana Unuk.
– Radka Denemarková: Sleeping Disorders. Translation from Czech into Slovene by Tatjana Jamnik.
– Iztok Osojnik: Kosovel and Seven Dwarfs. Translation from Slovene into German by Klaus Detlef Olof.
*EUPL Award.

Migrations, in their various forms, have always been part of Europe’s reality. Nevertheless, contemporary global problems, such as wars, climate changes and globalization, enhanced the basic human need to find a better, safe and peaceful place to live in. European openness is essentially a capacity to accept fellow men, regardless of their origin and existential realities and truths; it is openness to universal, human dimensions of their experience.

The selected works of literature deal with causes of migrations, as well as with inner migrations of individuals who have been discriminated or deprived and pushed to the social margins. They dismantle the image of migrants as generic beings by portraying their individual stories, as well as their identities and their distress caused by assimilation and past traumas. The readers are being addressed by the authors’ multivoiced language and strong sense of social and psychological complexities.

Our project aims at rethinking and bridging our divisions in order to reach mutual understanding. The invisible margins may thus become the centre, an imaginary space enabling a polyphonic discourse of past experiences and real-time perspectives. Heterogeneous mental landscape beneath the polished surface of our societies may be discerned as our most valuable connective tissue.

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