The Borderless Words

Project area
Books and Reading / Literary Translation 
VBZ Publishing (lead) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / Literary translation 2019
EU funding
22.288,74 EUR

Project duration: 2. 1. 2020–1. 12. 2021

List of works:
– Sandrine Bessora (text) & Barroux (illustrations): Alpha: Abidjan – Gare du Nord. Translation from Franch by Mojca Medvedšek
– Selvedin Avdić: Sedam strahova. Translation from Bosnian
– Alfonso Cruz: A Boneca de Kokoschka*. Translation from Portugese
– Giovanni Dozzini: E Baboucar guidava la fila*. Translation from Italian
– Nick Hayes: The Rime of the Modern Mariner. Translation from English

* EUPL award.

The Borderless Words project comprises the question of socially responsive European literature in the age of social, political and environmental turmoil, where Europe is no exception. On the contrary, European integration and identity have been deeply shattered by the migration crisis and – in the more abstract sense – its relation to others (cultures and identities). On the other hand, with ongoing environmental crisis, Europe and the world, in general, is facing a major transformation of its self-understanding and taking action. We are living in the times when our social action and participation is heading toward (deeper) transformation – as is perhaps literature. The books included in the project are dealing with the questions of migration, ecology, war and general mechanisms of identification and relation to others, be it human or environment. The books are of different genres (novels and graphic novels) and of different fabulation in place and time but still, they are all concerned with the question of European identity, integration, and peaceful cultural and natural co-existence. Therefore, TBW project comprises the question of the function of literature as a force of European integration, but also as a critique of its failures, ranging from concrete historical dynamics, as in the book Sedam strahova by S. Avdić, or by abstract relation to other, as in the book A Boneca de Kokoschka by A. Cruz. We believe that the project shows a high level of the intersection of literary quality and much needed social responsiveness.For the selection of books the parameters of literary originality, as well as critical and professional visibility, were taken into account. We also took into account the fact that none of the selected authors, all of them of different countries and languages, have been yet translated into Slovene. We believe that the translation of selected works will be of great value to the Slovenian literary space and that it will reach a new readership. (Source: EAC.)

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