Paths to the EU Bibliodiversity

Project area
Books and Reading / Literary Translation 
Malinc Publishing House (lead) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / Literary translation 2020
EU funding
29.984 EUR

Project coordinator: Malinc Publishing House
Project duration: 1. 1. 2021–31. 12.2022
EU support: 29.984,00 EUR

The project Paths to the EU Bibliodiversity publishes, promotes and contextualizes seven high quality European literary works of minority and/or less known literatures, most of them written in lesser used languages and awarded at national and international level. Leading authors from Portugal, the Basque Country, Lithuania, Sweden, France, Italy and Slovenia are translated into Slovenian and Spanish by renowned translators.

List of works:

– Klarisa Jovanović: Telovadec Nikolaj užene tolovaja / El gimnasta Nikolai espanta al ladrón. Translation from Slovene into Spanish by Juan Kruz Igerabide and Barbara Pregelj
– Juan Kruz Igerabide: Ur: euriaren liburua / Ur: knjiga o dežju. Translation from Basque into Slovene: Barbara Pregelj and Peter Svetina
– Joxe Luis Peixoto: O meu che chovia / Mama, ki je deževala. Translation from Portuguese into Slovene by Urška Rupar Vrbinc
– Sophie Dall: Au grand lavoir / V veliki pralnici*. Translation from French into Slovene by Mateja Seliškar Kenda
– Kristina Gudonyte: Blogos mergaites dienoraštis / Dnevnik poredne punce. Translation from Lithuanian into Slovene by Klemen Pisk
– Fleur Jaeggy: Proleterka / Proleterka: Translation from Italian into Slovene by Gašper Malej
– Lisa Hyder: Om dagen tar slut / Če se bo dan končal. Translation from Swedish into Slovene by Iva Klemenčič
*EUPL Award.

The genres of the selected works are different (poetry, short stories, novel) and so is their public (children, youth, young adults and adults) and the promotion. The promotion includes various activities in Europe and Latin America: reading tours of writers, translators and illustrators, round tables (live and virtual), interactive webinars, reading promotion project Leo, leo and Open Book: GG4U, translation of excerpts into Spanish and English, video promotions, trailers etc. In order to contextualize all published works, the books include prefaces and information on selected authors and translators. We will organize press conferences and stimulate interviews, book reviews, scientific articles and a one-day international symposium on less known literatures and the importance of mediators for the EU bibliodiversity. Besides, we will promote the EUPL work by organizing a round table with several winning authors from different countries.

Recently the Polysystem theory has changed the image of literature, pondering the importance of mediators who are crucial for the holistic image of the European culture. The activities in our project aim to establish the comparative frame of mediators on two levels: firstly by choosing texts dealing with the figure of women as a mediator and secondly by promoting mediators (translators, editors, illustrators, literary agents, proofreaders, librarians, etc.) who are important for the book production.

All published books are designed in accordance with the recommendations for dyslexic readers.

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