Contemporary Literature Across Europe

Project area
Books and Reading / Literary Translation 
Goga Publishing House (lead) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / Literary translation 2015
EU funding
48.900 EUR

Project duration: 1 September 2015–31 August 2017

List of translated works:
– Jesus Carrasco (Spain): Intemperie / Nevihta (translated by Urša Zabukovec)
– Pavao Pavličić (Croatia): Dunav (translated by Dušan Šarotar)
– J.L. Carr (UK): A month in the country / Mesec na deželi (translated by Sonja Porle)
– Joanna Bator (Poland): Piaskowa gora / Gora iz peska (translated by Staša Pavlović)
– Kristian Lundberg (Sweden): Yarden ( translated by Danni Stražar)
– Ognjen Spahić (Montenegro): Puna glava radosti, 2014* (translated by Dijana Matković)
– Ahmed Burić (BiH): Vrata raja (translated by Dijana Matković)
*EUPL Award

All 7 are high quality works that have received many awards and been translated into different languages, and the authors are all counted among their nations’ most important literary creators, their common point being the exploration of new linguistic operations and a strong social engagement. They will be translated by prominent Slovene literary translators, four of which are also high quality writers, masters of the Slovene language and literary style, (Sonja Porle, Dušan Šarotar, Stanka Hrastelj, Dijana Matković), while the remaining four all have good translation opera (Staša Pavlovič, Urša Zabukovec, Jelka Ciglenečki, Danni Stražar). Project CLAE will place special focus on the promotion of book through various promotional tools, as well as the promotion of reading in Slovenia in general (festivals, targeting vulnerable social groups, etc.) focusing of course on the selected seven works. The emphasis will be on the circulation of literary works across Europe (for example, translated excerpts of 7 Slovene (Goga’s) authors in English and German will be distributed through a special app for translations of Slovene works), as well as the circulation of EU authors (hosting CLAE authors in residencies, literary events in Slovenia, and exchanges with Slovene authors). Co-financing through the Creative Europe program will be clearly stated in the books and on all promotion material, the translators will receive exposure on the books and promotional events. (Source: EAC)

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