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Art and Well-being

Art and Well-being (Partner)

Art and Well-being

(Partner) [caption id="attachment_47662" align="alignright" width="407"] Exterior of the Maribor Art Gallery building in 2007. In the cellar of the historical building one can find the Satchmo Jazz_Club, Maribor. Foto: Damjan Švarc.[/caption] The project goal is to develop new processes, activities and networks to support cultural institutions in partnering with stakeholders from health, science and urban development to create innovative approaches, engage new audiences, and raise awareness on the challenges that urban dwelling and a fast paced life pose to the physical, emotional and mental health, by exploring the potential of arts to enhance individual and community well-being. It involves three artistic partners and one research institution from four countries in a work programme that mainly benefits cultural players and audiences in: Belgium, Romania and Slovenia, with the following objectives: O1. To highlight the importance of health and emotional and mental well-being in contemporary society. O2. To support cultural and urban actors to take an active role promoting culture and well-being in their communities. O3. To facilitate a better understanding of the ways in which culture and cultural participation contribute to individual and collective well-being. O4. To support European artistic co-operation and mobility of artists and of artworks benefitting health and psychological well-being. O5. To innovate and pilot multidisciplinary and participatory artistic and cultural interventions that contribute to individual and community well-being. O6. To increase access and participation of various groups to artistic events and processes that enhance well-being.
Project activities include capacity building and advocacy, delivered through 3 artists and scientists in dialogue workshops and two international forums; research and the establishing of an Arts & Well-being Think. It implements an experimental artistic programme: “Space. Co-Creation. Access”, that consists of: 3 spaces for arts, body and mind, 12 new artistic productions with relevance to well-being and 3 cultural prescriptions pilot projects, involving around 150 artists and other professionals and an audience of 30000 in Brussels, Cluj, and Maribor.

Foreign producers in the supported project

  • Asociatia Centrul Cultural Clujean (leader)

    Romania (EU)
  • Fondazione Bruno Kessler (partner)

    Italy (EU)
  • Palais des Beaux Arts (partner)

    Belgium (EU)