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Poets of today – voices of tomorrow (POT-VOT)

Poets of today – voices of tomorrow (POT-VOT) (Leader)

Poets of today – voices of tomorrow (POT-VOT)

(Leader) Poets of Today-Voices of Tomorrow is a cooperation project of 5 project partners which will bring poetry closer to young people and local communities with the main goal of changing a school curriculum in a way of bringing poets into the classrooms on a regular yearly basis. 20 artists will explore the potential of poetry performance to share the innovative methodology with 50 poets, 100 school teachers and reach more than 5000 young audience members from all 5 participating countries. International poet collective will become influencers for methodological process, perform in 5 different countries and present the process at Frankfurt Book Fair, publish an international book, which will include translations of poems in 5 partner languages and their contacts to enable further possibilities for translation and publishing in other EU countries. 50 EU poets will be educated to perform in schools and be connected with high school teachers to start the discussion and practice about representation of poetry in schools. 50 literary events in schools-Poetry Days will be the most important result of that and will connect teachers and poets to engage the young audiences. A Tool Book will be created to spread the methodology in the long term and prepare new format scripts, to promote poets in partner countries and beyond. To support artists' visibility, 5 Poetry City Walks will be organised - to connect poetry with life in the community and to offer quality cultural programmes for cities with emphasis on innovative poetry performance formats. Literary maps will be developed with professional illustrators. The project will ensure gender equality and address gender representation in poetry. It will also focus strongly on environmental sustainability (with focus on eco promotional material). One of the most important outputs will also be a Policy Proposal for governments to start advocating for more funding for cooperation between poets and teachers and more poetry in schools.

Foreign producers in the supported project

  • HF Heartefact Fund (partner)

    Republic of Serbia
  • Fundacja ARTeria (partner)

    Poland (EU)
  • PRO Progressione Kulturalis Nonprofit Kozhasznu KFT (partner)

    Hungary (EU)
  • Suomen lastenkulttuurikeskusten liitto (partner)

    Finland (EU)