Art Activism

Project area
Books and Reading / Literary Translation 
Beletrina (lead) 
Creative Europe (2021–2027) - CULTURE / European Cooperation projects Medium Scale
EU funding
447.807,99 EUR

Coordinator: Beletrina (SI)
Partners: Foereningen Littfest (SE), Poëziecentrum vzw (BE), Verein zur Förderung des Hausache LeseLenzs (DE); Asociacion Cultural lea Libre expresion Artistica (ES)

EU support: 447.807,99 EUR
Projekct duration: 24 months

The goal of the Art Activism in post-COVID Europe: A new agenda on methodology, artistic practices and stakeholder relations project is to demonstrate the potential of arts for generating social change through art activist practices and methodologies. The ArtACT consortium – composed of five cultural and artistic organisations from Slovenia, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Spain – will accomplish this goal through initiating highly visible trans-European art activist collaborations to produce 5 large-scale trans-European art activist pilot projects, employing a range of artistic formats and practices and directly including over 100 European artists and over 500 European Citizen Artists. The projects will be multi- and interdisciplinary in nature, and focus on those art forms, which have so far been under-deployed, thus expanding art activist practices beyond visual arts, graphic design and film to also include literature, poetry and performing arts.

The art activist project topical focus will include, but extend beyond environmental issues to other important topics on the current global and European public policy agenda. Through methodological elaboration and building trans-European communities of practice, the project will facilitate the emergence of a new wave of contemporary art that will contribute to finding solutions to central societal challenges of our time. The major project outputs include stakeholder events, artistic performances and artworks, a film documentary and a project publication, detailing the emergence of the ArtACT pilot art activist projects, employing the case study method. In this way, the project outputs will be distributed widely to audiences, artistic community and societal stakeholders, producing artistic and societal impacts at scale.

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