Dreaming Books

Project area
Books and Reading / Literary Translation 
Sanje ('Dreams') Publishing House (lead) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / Literary translation 2018
EU funding
59.911,41 EUR

Project duration: 1. 11. 2018–31. 10. 2020

List of books:
– Donal Ryan: Spinning Heart*. Translation from English into Slovene: Alenka Ropret.
– Adam Foulds: The Quickening Maze*. Translation from English into Slovene: Andrej Skubic.
– Aleksander Bečanović: Arcueil*. Translation from Serbo-Croatian into Slovene: Polona Glavan.
– Miljenko Jergović: Rod. Translation from Croatian into Slovene: Aleksandra Rekar.
– Tove Jansson: Moomin – The complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip-Book One. Translation from English into Slovene: Nada Grošelj.
– Alma M Karlin: Mein kleiner Chinese: Ein China-Roman. Translation from German into Slovene: Jerneja Jezernik.
– Christelle Dabos: La Passe-miroir: Las Fiances de I`Hiver. Translation from French into Slovene: Živa Čebulj.
– Christelle Dabos: La Passe-miroir: Les Disparus du Clairdelune. Translation from French into Slovene: Živa Čebulj.
– Christelle Dabos: La Passe-miroir: La Memoire de Babel. Translation from French into Slovene: Živa Čebulj.
*EUPL Award.

This project in particular is focused on titles of widespread acclaim which we feel ought to be accessible to any interested mind. We firmly believe a language of only 2 million speakers should not be a barrier – we are committed to spreading our passion for literature, Slovenian and European, as widely as possible.

The project contains several dimensions of this – on one hand, we want to make Alma M. Karlin, a Slovenian writer, one of the first women in history to take on traveling the world by herself, a household name in our country by translating her novel; she namely wrote all her work in German. On the other hand, we explore our mutual history with Croatia and Montenegro in former Yugoslavia by translating two authors coming from this region; on yet another we gaze towards the West and North, immersing ourselves in the most imaginative, fascinating literary worlds. We aim to translate into Slovenian language the first complete comic book featuring the bohemian, heart-warming, unforgettable Moomins from Finland that will delight children and adults alike. We immerse ourselves into the young adult / crossover bestselling fantasy series La Passe-miroir which immediately after its publication in 2013 has bewitched readers in France. By publishing acclaimed novels The Spinning Heart (Ireland), The Quickening Maze (The United Kingdom) and Arcueil (Montenegro), we acknowledge the works that have received the prestigious EU Prize for Literature and look forward to introducing them to the Slovenian readership.

Overall, we seek to transcend the borders through literature and preserve, spread and enrich Europe´s precious multilingual cultural heritage. We take pride in what we believe is our mission: to not merely “publish” books, but to dream them into being. We do so by embracing the values of imagination, comradeship, artistic uniqueness and love for literature. These are the pillars the project Dreaming Books will be built upon.

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