Reading Europe

Project area
Books and Reading / Literary Translation 
Sodobnost International Cultural Society (lead) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / Literary translation 2017
EU funding
59. 895,70 EUR

Project duration: 8. 1. 2018–7. 1. 2020

List of translated works:
– Phillip Ardagh: Terrible times / Strašni časi. Translated from English into Slovene by Ana Barič Moder
– Kęstutis Kasparavičius: Sodininka Florencijus / Florentius the Gardener. Translated from Lithuanian into English by Jonas Steponaitis
– Luigi Ballerini: Io Sono Zero / Šifra 2.0. Translated from Italian into Slovene by Dušanka Zabukovec
– Selja Ahava: Taivaalta tippuvat asiat / Stvari, ki padejo z neba. Translated from Finnish v into Slovene by Julija Potrč
– Christoph Van Gerrewey: Op de Hoogte / Da boš na tekočem. Translated from Flemish into Slovene by Mateja Seliškar Kenda
– Pierre J. Mejlak: Having said goodnight / Kar noč dopušča. Translated from Maltese v into Slovene by Andrej Pleterski

The project RE features ten excellent literary works from across Europe. The project is marked by a carefully orchestrated diversity of the chosen books, ranging from adult fiction (EUPL winners) to works for children, thus spanning all generations. The highlights include European cult authors such as children’s writer Philip Ardagh, the Lithuanian nominee for the international ALMA award Kęstutis Kasparavičius, and the award-winning Luigi Ballerini from Italy. Also included are three winners of the EUPL.

A special feature of the project are ambitious promotional events, devised to increase the awareness of the diversity of our common European culture among Slovenian readers and to improve the reading habits of all generations. The central role at promotional events will be played by the authors and translators who will introduce their work to a wider public. As an artistic society whose creative force are established literary names, our long-term aim is to familiarize book buyers, especially those who are not regular readers, with top European writers who are as yet not widely known in Slovenia. That is why we have devised promotional events that will try to attract readers from outside the established sales channels. Especially we would like to attract online readers by creating Digital Community, whose role will be to inform online readers about books from the project, engage them now and cultivate them for tomorrow. In other words, our strategy will be to target multiple channels for our books and integrate them with the current generation’s social lives. This means a bigger step into the digital world for our organization.

Another new step for us is entering two new markets (UK, Ireland). We have teamed up with two distributors ready to take our activities across national borders. That will not only increase our reading audiences; it will also facilitate the enlargement of the common publishing space for European authors.

(Source EAC.)

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