Crossing Borders, Closing Gaps

Project area
Books and Reading / Literary Translation 
Cankarjeva Publishing House (lead) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / Literary translation 2016
EU funding
54.451,39 EUR

Project duration: 2. 1. 2017–30. 12. 2018

Cankarjeva zalozbaGetting in touch with different cultures and experiences is a crucial experience nowadays. Good work of literature not only expands our horizons, it broadens our empathy. The main goal of our publishing house (and this particular project) is to emphasize the importance of diversities. We want to promote linguistic heterogeneity and develop mutual co-operation between lesser used language communities, especially between the Balkans and the rest of EU.
Slovenia has a population of only 2 million, but is an important bridge between Europe and the Balkan applicants for membership. It was the first country in the western Balkans to have joined the EU and can act as a mediator on the literary map as well. That is why we have purposely chosen 10 topmost books with true, deep emotional punch, most of them from South and East Europe, and most of those by authors who haven’t been translated into Slovene language yet, so as to open new doors for them and build their reputation as a whole. (Source: EAC.)

Supported works, translated into Slovene:
– Andrés Neuman: Stvari, ki jih ne narediva; translation from Spanish and foreword by Marjeta Drobnič.
– Joanna Bator: Temno, skoraj noč; translation from Polish by Jana Unuk.
– Nebojša Lujanović: Oblak kožne barve; translation from Bosnian by Urban Vovk.
– Karel G. van Loon: Nevidni; translation from Dutch by Tanja Mlaker.
– Çiler İlhan*: Izgnanstvo; translation from Turkish by Lili Potpara.
– Elena Ferrante: Zgodba o novem priimku; translation from Italian by Anita Jadrič.
– Lidija Dimkovska*: Črno na belem; translation from Macedonian by Aleš Mustar.
– Dragan Velikić: Preiskovalec; translation from Serbian by Đurđa Strsoglavec.
– Andreas Steinhöfel: V središču sveta; translation from German by Anja Golob.
– Juraj Šebesta: Ko se pes smeje; translation from Slovak by Diana Pungeršič.
*EUPL winners.

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