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Variola – Dark Spring TV series

Variola – Dark Spring TV series (Partner)

Variola – Dark Spring TV series

Title: Variola - Dark Spring TV series Director: Matevž Luzar Co-producers: Vertigo (SI), This&That (SR), Kinorama (HR) Countries of co-production: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia
Story: An unexpected epidemic of a lethal virus breaks out in socialist Yugoslavia, leaving a few courageous medical workers fighting against the disease and the government. Limited TV series (8 x 50 min) titled Variola - Dark Spring is based on true events and characters related to the 1972 smallpox epidemic in Yugoslavia that threatened to spread across Europe. Three production companies are teaming up to co-develop the drama series; the Croatian production company Kinorama, Vertigo Ljubljana from Slovenia and This & That Productions from Serbia. The companies will closely collaborate throughout the development process of the TV series created by Matevž Luzar, a Slovenian director and scriptwriter. The companies will jointly work on strategies for the development of creative, financial, production as well as marketing and distribution aspects.

Foreign producers in the supported project

  • This&That (partner)

    Republic of Serbia
  • Kinorama (partner)

    Croatia (EU)