The Pulse of European Literature

Project area
Books and Reading / Literary Translation 
Pivec Publishing House (lead) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / Literary translation 2019
EU funding
27.229,00 EUR

Project duration: 15 January 2020–10 January 2022

List of works:
– Laura Freudenthaler: Geistergeschichte / Zgodba duhov. Translation from German: Tina Štrancar.
– Kostas Hatziantoniou: Agrigento. Translation from Greek: Klarisa Jovanović.
– Piia Leino: Taivas / Raj. Translation from Finnish: Klemen Pisk.
– Lurent Cardon: S’unir, c’est se mélanger / Združiti se pomeni mešati. Translation from French: Marko Bratina.
– Marius Marcinkevičius: Sivužas / Stran. Translation from Lithuanian: Klemen Pisk.
– Sally Gardener: Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon / Gospod Tiger, Betsy in modri mesec. Translation from English: Zala Stanonik.

With the project “Utrip evropske literature” (Pulse of European Literature) – translations of six books (3 novels awarded with EU prize for literature and 3 children’s books awarded with different national awards) in Slovenian language – we are not just promoting the idea of European Union, as a Union where is the free flow of artists and their work, as Union in which the international cooperation and cultural goods are very important, but we also offer to wide range of readers the books, whit which on the one hand the adults can rethink time and situation in which Europeans are living at the moment and on the other hand the children and adolescents can read quality translated European books with topics that are important for them as a young persons.

With novels the readers can recognize the actual problems and changes that are happening in the EU. The Slovenian readers will get this with translations of these novels from Austria, Greece Finland and they will be also able to be in contact with these authors on their promotional activities in Slovenia, so that they can exchange their views with authors about topics in novels. And the young Slovenian reader will get top pictures books that were very successful in their home countries (UK, France and Lithuania), also because they are bringing humanistic values in appropriate way through interesting stories and in interesting literary way.

We will also have debate “Means of communication in modern children’s fiction” and “Experts meeting on dyslexia and other disorders”. In this way we will contribute to the audience development, education and training. Four of the books will be published also in e-book form and they will be accessible on all important e-book portals in the world.

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