Film in Hospital

Project area
Film and Audiovisual Projects 
Kinodvor Cinema (partner) 
Project lead
Djeca susreću umjetnost (HR) 
Creative Europe (2014-2020) - MEDIA / Promotion of European Audiovisual Works Online 2020
EU funding
60.000 EUR

Project leader: Djeca susreću umjetnost (HR)
Partners: Kinodvor (Sl), JEF (BE), BUFF Malmö Film Festival (SE), Il Nuovo Fantarca (IT), Packmagic (ES).

EU Support: 60.000 EUR
EU Support for Slovene partner (Kinodvor): 9.825 EUR

The project’s objective is to provide children and young people being treated in hospitals with access to quality films and film education content by establishing new online platforms.

In 2021, six national film platforms will offer twelve European feature films and sixty shorts for young audiences of different age groups. The project will thus provide vulnerable groups of children and young people with access to quality cultural content. Besides the film viewings, the partners will also jointly develop additional film education content, which will strengthen the film experience and bring it closer to group film viewing in a cinema. What we have in mind here are introductions to films, pre-recorded or live talks with filmmakers, interactive games, quizzes and other online tools for commenting, sharing and connecting with peers in other European countries.

For Kinodvor, cooperating in the international project Film in Hospital is an exceptional opportunity for a further development of our long-time partnership with the Division of Paediatrics, University Medical Centre Ljubljana.

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