Project area
Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music) 
Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture (partner) 
Project lead
Ancienne Belgique (BE) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / European platforms 2014
EU funding
500.000 EUR (3rd year)

Project duration: 2014–2016
EU support (3-year): 500.000 EUR (1st year); 500.000 EUR (2nd year); 500.000 EUR (3rd year)*

*Kino Šiška joined LIVEEUROPE platform in 2016, for the third year (final year) of the FPA (framework partnership agreement). The grant amounted to 500.000 EUR.

Liveurope is an initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote up-and-coming European artists. The platform works as a quality label awarded to live music venues committing to European diversity. The objective of Liveurope is to boost the programming of young European acts across the continent and help them reach new audiences. Established in 2014, the Liveurope platform is the first initiative of its kind in Europe.

Since 2014, Liveurope’s main objective was to encourage its members to book more EENNAs (Emerging European Non National Artists) in their respective venues. Three years later, 1331 concerts have been organized as part of the
platform, which shows a significant progress of the members efforts from year to year:
– 2013/2014 (pre-Liveurope): 293 eligible Liveurope concerts in 13 venues
– 2014/2015 (year 1): 380 Liveurope concerts in 13 venues
– 2015/2016 (year 2): 457 Liveurope concerts in 13 venues
– 2016/2017 (year 3): 494 Liveurope concerts in 14 venues

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