Literature vs. Nationalism / Literatura proti nacionalizmu

Project area
Books and Reading / Literary Translation 
Goga Publishing House (lead) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / Literary translation 2020
EU funding
85.619 EUR (3. leto - FPA III/3)

Project duration: 1. 1. 2021–31. 12. 2021 (3rd year)
EU support: Category 2 – Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA): 57.428,00 EUR (1st year); 68.258,40 EUR (2nd year); 85.619 EUR (3rd year)

The name of the project, Literature vs. Nationalism. Contemporary Literature Moving Borders, signifies the underlying theme of the selected books which deal with things that should never be forgotten – World War II, the holocaust, the shockingly quickly forgotten events of the Balkan area in the 90s, the violence against women and minorities in supposedly civil societies. While the extreme right wing parties are on the rise, we want to publish top quality literary works that teach us about that most important of emotions – empathy.

With the project, we would like to move borders for contemporary authors and their works that is why the translation package is international and linguistically diverse and helps reaching new audiences for books from smaller languages.

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