Common Places: new imaginaries of European peripheries

Project area
Architecture, Design and Applied Arts 
ProstoRož (partner) 
Project lead
Lafundicio SCCL (ES) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / European cooperation projects 2020
EU funding
174.000 EUR

Coordinator: Lafundicio SCCL (ES)
Partners: Associazione Cherimus (IT), Kulturno društvo ProstoRož (SI)

Project amount: 290.000 EUR
Grant Awarded: 174.000 EUR (60 %)
Project duration: 1. 10. 2020–30. 9. 2022

We will tackle the specific challenges of community based art practices situated in peripheral territories in times of hateful and divisive discourses. We will set a structure of exchanges among peer projects throughout Europe in order to develop the relevant and generative knowledge, practices and strategies for our work in the so-called peripheries of Europe.

Our territories have been subjected to very long processes of structural, economic but also symbolic violence that has resulted in the stigmatization of our cultural expressions and ways of doing. In a way, the living conditions of our peripheral territories are sustained by a cultural process of dispossession and thus we believe that cultural and artistic practices play a critical role to build stronger, flexible and welcoming communities to counter hate speech and build plural European identities. With this project we aim at sharing situated cultural practices that put urban regeneration, conviviality and play at the centre to boost the autonomy and critical capacity of its residents to collectively build resistances and new imaginaries that break the stigmatization of peripheral territories.

Our consortium gathers 3 organisations who work on long-term community building processes through artistic methodologies from different perspectives. While LaFundició works at the crossroads of artistic and cultural practices and education understood as controversial activities, Cherimus works from a multidisciplinary perspective with the aim of enriching and complexifying the notions of cultural heritage and interculturality, and ProstoRož explores public spaces in cities and their meaning for local residents and the society at large.

Across the three European territories this project sets out relational as well as tangible processes of investigation and production (or action research) to build new imaginaries for ways of living and working from the margins.

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