Creative Climate Leadership

Interdisciplinarni projekti 
Kulturno izobraževalno društvo PiNA / Associazione culturale ed educativa Pina (partner) 
Julie's Bicycle (UK) 
Ustvarjalna Evropa (2014-2020) - Kultura / Projekti sodelovanja 2016
Podpora EU
199.964,40 EUR

Vodja projekta: Julie’s Bicycle (UK)
Partnerji projekta: Centar za internacionalnu kulturnu saradnju Krug (ME), COAL (FR), Foundation EXIT (RS), Kulturno izobraževalno društvo PiNA (SI), NORDKOLLEG (DE), (BE)

CCLCCL is a pan-European, interdisciplinary programme that aims to connect and enable a community of cultural leaders to take an active leadership role in shaping an environmentally sustainable future for the European cultural sector. It has been developed as a direct response to a sectoral need for leadership, skills development and increased awareness of the business models and approaches that are fit for purpose in the context of climate change and environmental sustainability.The programme channels the latest knowledge and best practice in sustainable cultural management across Europe through conferences, training courses and a policy lab, fuelling the development of new skills, encouraging innovation and collaboration, and supporting cultural professionals and policymakers to realise the opportunities for personal, artistic and professional business development in the process. CCL aims to affect change at the local, national, regional and European level. The CCL training courses and conferences enable transnational mobility and knowledge exchange in person and online, whilst also encouraging local impact and longer-term initiatives by enabling participants to disseminate learning and seed legacy activities through the CCL dissemination events and Climate Leadership Grants. The programme partners represent organisations working towards an alliance between culture and environmental sustainability, plus European and regional networks with the intention to scale ideas and influence change at a strategic and cultural policy level. (Vir: EAC).

Trajanje projekta: 1. 6. 2016–31. 3. 2019

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