Creative Europe Calls

List Creative Europe Calls
Creative Europe Culture, Media and Cross-sectoral Calls for application and funding opportunities for the cultural and creative sectors.

Creative Europe enables organisations and professionals in the cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors to co-create and collaborate across borders and reach wider audiences, addressing societal issues and supporting artists. Creative Europe is open to EU and EFTA/EEA Member States, candidate countries and neighbouring countries.


It supports all cultural and creative sectors (except audiovisual and film) and includes horizontal actions, sectoral support and specific actions.



It provides support to the audiovisual and film sector in various thematic areas for the development of AV projects, distribution, promotion of European films, TV content and videogames, as well as professional training for producers, directors, scriptwriters and other AV professionals. It also supports networks of European film festivals and cinemas.



It promotes cooperation between the creative sectors and also includes the news media sector. It brings together the cultural, AV and other creative sectors in different fields and/or activities, such as policy development, data collection, international exchange of experience or knowledge and networking.