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Turku University of Applied Sciences / Arts Academy, Finland

Finland (EU)

  • Turku University of Applied Sciences / Arts Academy, Finland
      • Interdisciplinary Projects
  • Fri., 30.04.2021

Aims and activities of the organisation: Education, research and development in the fields of visual arts, theatre, dance, music, film and media.

Project: Experimenting with European light and darkness in multi-art workshops and artist collaborations.
The notion of light has many characteristics in Europe. Light makes things visible to the eye. Consequently, some things remain overshadowed, things that we consciously or unconsciously leave unseen or fail to notice. In European Light Project we aim to shed light on invisible (or dark) things and places that we usually ignore or simply cannot see, or things that are still in a process of taking shape or appearing.

Turku UAS Arts Academy is looking for dedicated partners to participate in European co-operation project exploring European Lights in multi-art collaborations.
They are also looking for partners who are interested in providing the project artist team spaces to work in and people to work with, collaborate and exhibit their works, e.g. production spaces, art centers, festivals, museums and unusual, unconventional locations for art.
Further info attached (pdf).

Contact: Eero Merimaa, E:
Turku University of Applied Sciences / Arts Academy