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Provincia di Bergamo

Italy (EU)

Provincia di Bergamo is looking for partners to cooperate in a small-scale project “THRIVE – Talent Harvest: Rural Intangible Heritage and Value Empowerment”. They are looking for partners with preferred field of expertise: talent attraction and retention, digital innovation in the cultural field, AI, virtual worlds, etc.; talents’ empowerment, entrepreneurship Social economy and CCIs, intangible cultural heritage preservation via innovative solutions.

The project THRIVE will contribute to make rural areas more attractive for talent, creating new opportunities to attract innovative businesses, providing access to high-quality jobs, promoting new and improved skills, and harness the benefits flowing from the diversification of their economic activities through the preservation and promotion of intangible cultural heritage.

Partners currently involved in the project: University of Valencia

For further information, see Creative Europe_Partner search_Provincia di Bergamo (.pdf).

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