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CRL – Central Elétrica

Portugal (EU)

CRL – Central Elétrica from Portugal is open to team up with projects. Depending on the project to be developed, their participation can take various forms, namely 1) Development of residency programs, laboratories and workshops: preferably in the field of performing arts, but can also include music and/or visual arts; 2) Organization and hosting of meetings / programmatic cycles related to the topic to be investigated and 3) Creation projects.

Organization: CRL Central Elétrica is a creation and residencies center based in Porto ( installed in Porto’s old thermoelectric power station. CRL (short for CiRcoLando and CentRaL) is a project under the artistic direction of André Braga and Cláudia Figueiredo that develops activity in the area of disciplinary crossovers, with a focus on performing arts.

They are interested in identity, memory, eco thinking, geopoetics, southern views, colonization/decolonization. Post industrial heritage, work on the archive and memory are other other areas that interest them.
Another axis of interest is artistic mediation and audience development, working with surrounding territories and communities ( rural urban, neighbourhood communities).

For more info, see here (.pdf).

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