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Portugal (EU)

SOMA is keen to join projects focused on migrant and social integration work, music, culture & the arts community work. They also have a concrete project idea to increase the representation of displaced and/or migrant artists on a national and international level.

SOMA’s mission is to enable and empower migrant artists in Portugal to pursue their creative interests, collaborate with local artists and institutions, and build bridges within communities – strengthening the social fabric of an already diverse society.

  • Training & Skill Development – We provide training and support to migrant and refugee artists, fostering their self-reliance and enabling them to pursue their creative interests. This includes career development, brand coaching, and facilitating professional content creation.
  • Cross-Cultural Collaborations – We facilitate projects and residencies that encourage collaboration between artists from diverse backgrounds, promoting cultural exchange and understanding.
  • Community Engagement– We establish connections and partnerships with local art spaces, neighborhoods, and communities to produce events, concerts, and exhibitions that showcase the talent of migrant artists and provide opportunities for powerful encounters.
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