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Municipality of Oraiokastro, Greece

Greece (EU)

  • Municipality of Oraiokastro, Greece
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  • Sat., 31.12.2022

Oraiokastro (Greek: Ωραιόκαστρο) is a municipality in the Thessaloniki regional unit, Greece and a suburb of Thessaloniki. The municipality Oraiokastro was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 3 former municipalities, that became municipal units: 1)Kallithea, 2)Mygdonia, 3)Oraiokastro.
The municipality Oraiokastro has an area of 217.855 km2.

Municipality of Oraiokastro provides well organized services, has adequate structures and personnel, in number and qualifications. Its population is 38,317 inhabitants.
While small in population size, the Municipality of Oraiokastro is characterised by increased diversity, both in terms of geography and in terms of human geography. As far as geography is concerned, the Municipality of Oraiokastro combines urban, sub-urban and rural characteristics. It is thanks to this diversified geographical blend that the needs of its citizens are also diversified and local policy is therefore designed and implemented to take this reality into consideration.

As far as human geography is concerned, the citizens of the Municipality descend from different cultural and linguistic subsets of the wider Hellenic heritage, including but not limited to those from Asia Minor and the Black Sea. While fully integrated into the contemporary local life for decades, these subsets continue to enrich the local cultural life with their own distinct cultural contribution. Thus, it is no surprise that a plethora of local cultural groups are active within the geographical limits of the Municipality, preserving a variety of customs, traditions and dialects. Overall, the Municipality of Oraiokastro has the profile of a vibrant and culturally rich local community.

Contact: Stella Zountsa
Municipality of Oraiokastro