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Foco Musical Portugal

Portugal (EU)

  • Foco Musical Portugal
      • Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
  • Fri., 30.04.2021

Organization: Foco Musical Portugal is exclusively dedicated to the development of young audiences for the erudite music.

IEM for CHILDREN is an Erudite Music Festival, with a formative character, which includes presentations of orchestral concerts, opera recitals and chamber music sessions. This festival shall be debuted in 5 different countries, with a similar program which will circulate throughout all of them, as a means of promoting the opening of a regular international circuit for each of the production companies engaged.

The target of the Festival are the families with children under 12 years of age. It will be a worldwide pioneer festival in terms of engaging international erudite music productions specifically for children. It should last 3 intensive days / an extended weekend in each country. It will start on a Friday evening and it will last until Sunday afternoon. It will take place in 5 consecutive weekends (one in each country) in the summer and shall be scheduled by mutual agreement between the 5 production companies.

IEM for Children shall debut in June 2023. It must last, at least, 3 consecutive editions: 2023, 2024, 2025. Considering it will become sustainable after these supported first years, it will be held on an annual basis

Foco Musical Portugal is looking for projects related to Concerts for Children.

Contact: Miguel Pernes,