Support to Television Programming 2020

Creative Europe (2014-2020) - MEDIA 
EACEA 20/2019 
Thursday, November 28 2019 closed
Thursday, May 14 2020 open

The objective of the Support to TV Programming is to increase the capacity of audiovisual producers to develop strong projects with significant potential to circulate throughout Europe and beyond, and to facilitate European and international co-productions within the television sector.

The scheme aims to strengthen the independence of television producers in relation to broadcasters, who tend to retain all rights and revenues, by providing funds to produce strong, competitive content with wide circulation potential in international markets and to encourage broadcasters to be involved in high quality programming aimed at wide international distribution  and promoted to a wide audience. Particular attention will be given to projects presenting innovative aspects in the content and in the financing.

More information at EACEA, see Support to Television Programming 20200 – Call EACEA/20/2019.