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Vidzeme University, Latvija

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  • Vidzeme University, Latvija
      • Uprizoritvene umetnosti (gledališče, ples) in glasba
  • Mon., 31.05.2021

The Noise-related Soundscape is intended to be an innovative platform that would represent the field of contemporary sound and serve as a dissemination tool to interactively demonstrate the research results in the field of contemporary music. The sound phenomena related to noise form a current trend in musicology for around hundred years now. It has been largely used in academic and underground music. Yet there are no interactive, playful, and educational media that would teach its history, inform about its antecedents, conceptual background and network of ideas linked to the idea of a noise-related sound.


  • to create an innovative animated educative platform in order to teach the trends of modern sound art and the noise-related tradition in contemporary culture using the modern interactive media of gaming,
  • to deepen the understanding of modern sound that incorporates noise to a great extent, and cultivate our noise-related aesthetic perception,
  • to pave the way to a cultivated taste of noise-related sound and a better knowledge of contemporary sound culture, to support the social intelligence of modern aesthetics of sound,
  • to strengthen the new ecology of sound as our natural cultural environment,
  • to create new synergies between the disciplines of arts’ research, edugaming, game art as well as sound ecology.

Further info in attachment here (docx).

Contact: Ieva Gintere,, researcher (T: +371 29907813,
Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Latvia