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Conservatory – Professional School of Arts of Madeira

Madeira, Portugal

  • Conservatory – Professional School of Arts of Madeira
  • Vodja
  • Thu., 05.01.2023

Conservatory – Professional School of Arts of Madeira is looking for partners to develop a small-scale project focused on audience development.

Our general purpose is to promote the Audience Development of children, in order to bring this age group closer to instruments of orchestra and orchestral music, both an epitome of Europe’s cultural heritage. Our specific objectives are: to promote transnational and international mobility of original orchestral works for children and the musicians and artists involved; develop audience-building policies and strategies for orchestral music through education, with a particular focus on children; encourage the creation of didactic orchestral works using innovative pedagogical strategies, using audiovisual, teacher training and animation cinema; raise awareness through orchestral music for environmental and inclusion issues and remarkable historical moments in each participating country; create orchestral works designed and adapted for children and young people to help maintain the tradition of European orchestral music alive and aware of the instruments and different tones that make up an orchestra.

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