Olympolis Art Project, Greece

13.04.2021, Cooperation projects (large) / Interdisciplinary Projects
Reply by Tuesday, May 11 2021
Olympolis Art Project is looking for partners from Central and East Europe in order to realise a project in the fields of performing arts, intangible cultural heritage, visual arts, literature, architecture, arts and technology, sustainability, gastronomy, cultural travel and experiences, audience development, social cohesion.

Viver Creatiu/ Creabinars, Spain

2.04.2021, Cooperation projects / Other
Reply by Thursday, December 30 2021
Viver Creatiu/ Creabinars is seeking for cooperation projects in the fields of creative economy and digital creative hubs, including topics such as new business models, digital transformation, education and entrepreneurship, among others.

Polimorf Association, Serbia

2.04.2021, Cooperation projects / Visual Arts
Reply by Thursday, December 30 2021
Polimorf Association, CSO based in New Belgrade, mainly active in the field of visual arts -sculpture/ community art projects/ eco-activism would like to take part as a partner in a cooperation project.

THEAMA, Greece

2.04.2021, Cooperation projects / Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
Reply by Saturday, May 1 2021
THEAMA is open to participate as partner to any Creative Europe project that tackles issues of equal, inclusive and accessible approach for all social groups, particular disadvantaged and marginalized. THEAMA is experienced in the Creative Europe programme.

Khora ApS, Denmark

2.04.2021, Cooperation projects / Multimedia and New Technologies
Reply by Tuesday, June 1 2021
A Danish combined virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) production house, store and showroom want to be part of a project that uses virtual and/or augmented reality to create meaningful and engaging visitor experiences. They are open for any call.