Art & Design Institut, Czech Republic

11.11.2022, Cooperation projects / Visual Arts
Reply by Wednesday, November 30 2022
Czech Art and Design Institut (ADI) is looking for partners in the field of visual arts and art theory to join a cooperation project. They are open to projects in the framework of interdisciplinary cooperation and cultural exchange. ADI has many students from different countries of the world who are active in the arts. Their professors are renowned educators and have experience as artists, curators, theorists, designers, graphic artists.

AZRRI, Croatia

11.11.2022, Cooperation projects (small) / Cultural Heritage
Reply by Saturday, December 31 2022
AZRRI would like to connect the tradition, culture and experts from cultural and creative sector and create content, illustrations, design, arts that will be in relationship with audience and to create a unique memorable story. They would like to cooperate with partners esp. from Italy, Slovenia, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands.


11.11.2022, Cooperation projects (small) / Interdisciplinary Projects
Reply by Sunday, December 31 2023
The Spanish association LEITMOTIV-AREA would like to participate as a partner in a small cooperation project. They have a wide experience in Erasmus+, and their fields of expertise are youth and volunteering, social inclusion, social and cultural innovation, education and cultural tourism.

Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia – Il Rossetti, Italy

26.07.2022, Cooperation projects - Medium Scale / Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
Reply by Monday, September 30 2024
Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia is looking for partners for a medium scale project in the field of interdisciplinary, performing arts (puppetry) that would like to build innovative ways for audience engagement and mix traditional and contemporary puppetry, while at the same time increase the level of skills in puppetry to an academic level.

Danish TV station, Denmark

26.07.2022, Cross-sectoral (2021-2027) /
Reply by Monday, August 15 2022
The Danish TV station would like to cooperate as a Creative Europe NEWS Journalism Patnerships project leader or partner. They are looking for partners in the field of TV and Media, Journalism, Media Technology, Diversity in Media.