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Olympolis Art Project, Greece

Greece (EU)

  • Olympolis Art Project, Greece
      • Interdisciplinary Projects
  • Tue., 11.05.2021


Olympolis Art Project is a greek non profit organisations who has been organizing art festivals of original ideas and gastronomy, with the aim of highlighting the cultural heritage of Olympus. The association  (leading partner) is looking for partners in order to realise a project in the fields of performing arts, intangible cultural heritage, visual arts, literature, architecture, arts and technology, sustainability, gastronomy, cultural travel and experiences,audience development, social cohesion. Using art as a tool, it aims to activate public spaces, artistic exchanges, the fermentation of new ideas on issues of environmental and social ethics / aesthetics, always taking into consideration the modern social web that is in a constant “on the road” situation, and in a continuous state under development.

We believe in collaboration, in the artistic interaction between inspired professionals and organizations, we work for public education, sustainability and social cohesion. We are looking for new ways of communication in the new world that is being formed and opened before us, worrying creatively about the future of arts, sciences and letters, in the post-digital age.


RETROREALITY is a moving digital experience based at the last 200 years of the official Greek stamps collection. We digitalising the stamps with VR and AR technology and transform the Greek history to a new era edition easy understanding for kids, disabilities persons and emigrants. Pararel we promote the intangible cultural heritage, the myths and the values of mount Olympus and with small scale live events our partners work.

Partners currently involved in the project: Hellenic Culture in Luxemburg

Contact: Anastasios Papanastasiou, E:
Olympus Eagles / Olympolis Art Project
W: E:, T: +306945186553