Culture Moves Europe – Slovenia Successful in calls for Individual mobility

Slovenia with 21 successful projects ranks 7th among 40 Creative Europe countries in terms of support per million inhabitants between October 2022 and November 2023.

Results · March 14, 2024

During this period, a total of 5,336 applications (56 from Slovenia) were submitted to the 9 Culture Moves Europe calls for individual mobility and 1,414 projects were selected (23% success rate). On average, around 160 projects were selected for each deadline.

Culture Moves Europe provides mobility grants for artists and cultural professionals in all 40 Creative Europe countries. With a budget of €21 million, Culture Moves Europe offers mobility grants to around 7,000 artists, cultural professionals and host organisations from 2022 to 2025. Funded by the creative Europe programme of the European Union, Culture Moves Europe is implemented by the Goethe-Institut.

Advice? Apply as soon as possible – don’t wait for the last call deadlines!

As we were informed by the Goethe Institut Brussels, the majority of Slovenian artists and cultural professionals applied for the last deadline of the first call for proposals (May 2023), which reduced the chances of success due to the huge number of applications received.

21 applications (out of a total of 2,445 applications) were received from Slovenia for the last (May 2023) deadline of the first call for proposals. More artists from Slovenia were selected in the early deadlines, as the competition was lower due to the smaller number of total applications. For example: the January deadline received 7 project applications from Slovenia and 6 were successful; the last deadline of the first call (31 May 2023) received 21 applications from Slovenia, and only 2 were successful.

21 projects from Slovenian applicants received €48,550 in support for individual mobility

Out of the 56 Slovenian applicants, 21 projects* were successful (37% success rate for Slovenian applicants), receiving a total of €48,550 in support for individual mobility, with an average support of €2,555. The total support for all approved projects in this period amounts to €4,330,815, with projects receiving an average of €3,360 each.

*A project for individual mobility includes support for one artist/cultural worker from Slovenia or a group of up to 5 artists/cultural workers, on whose behalf the application is submitted by a Slovenian artist or cultural professional.

More than half of the applicants from Slovenia travelled “green”!

The average length of mobility of the supported Slovenian artists/cultural workers is 879 km (the average distance of all projects is 1,439 km) and the average duration of a project is 15.4 days (the average duration of all projects is 24.4 days). 7 projects from Slovenia (out of 571 projects) received the Green top-up**.

** The “Green top-up” is awarded to applicants who travel to a destination “green”, i.e. without using a plane.

Performing arts ranks first  
The most successful project applications from Slovenia were in the field of performing arts (42.1%), followed by music (36.8%), cultural heritage (10.5%), visual arts and literature (5.3%).

What are the most popular destinations? In the 21 successful projects from Slovenia, artists/cultural practitioners have partnered with organisations and artists from 18 countries, with Germany taking the top spot (5 projects), followed by Italy (3), France and Spain (2), Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Portugal and Serbia (1 project each).

The data presented includes results for the period 1 October 2022-30 November 2023.