Culture Moves Europe is a scheme that supports the mobility of artists, creators and cultural professionals. It is part of Creative Europe’s Culture strand.

Culture Moves Europe connects artists, creators, and cultural professionals from the countries participating in the Creative Europe programme. The mobility scheme is particularly focused on emerging artists.

Culture Moves Europe has a budget of €21 million between 2022 and 2025. This allows around 7 000 artists, creators, and cultural professionals to go abroad for professional development or international collaborations, co-produce, co-create or present their works to new audiences.

Two types of grants

1. Individual mobilities action
For individual artists and cultural professionals travelling between 7 and 60 days or groups of individuals (up to 5 persons travelling between 7 and 21 days).
Rolling calls for all sectors at once will be open every year between autumn and spring.

2. Residencies action
The residency action targets legal entities (e.g. non-for-profit, private, public bodies, foundations, etc.). The purpose of the grant is to welcome between 1 and 5 international artists and cultural professionals at premises to implement a residency project. The residency can last between 22 and 300 days.
Culture Moves Europe’s residency action will offer 3 open calls between spring 2023 and autumn 2024.

For further information, see European Commission Culture & Creativity webiste.