Sistrum Association, Poljska

11.11.2022, Projekti sodelovanja (manjši) / Kulturna dediščina
Odgovori do sobota, 31. december 2022
They would like to join projects related to women's culture, LGBTQ + community, archives.

Organization: Sistrum Association focuses on the widely-understood lesbian* culture in Poland. The asterisk means inclusivity for those who identify with the experience of non-heteronormative women – be it mental, physical, spiritual, or political. It is important that the word lesbian does not disappear from public debate, including in the LGBTQ+ or rainbow community.

The aim of the Association is to create, animate, disseminate, and archive lesbian* culture in Poland in order to root lesbians* in culture and give them cultural references for constructing their identity. It is guided by the principle: We don’t judge, but observe, because the most important thing is the process. It constructs the space where sisterhood and female creativity are possible.

Sistrum work both online and offline. It focuses on cyclical actions that give lesbian* culture continuity, and allows audiences to delve deeper.

Contact: Agnieszka Małgowska,
T: +533 725 925, W: