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Rossocarminio, Italija

Italija (EU)

  • Rossocarminio, Italija
      • Interdisciplinarni projekti
  • Tue., 01.06.2021

Organization: Organization, production and promotion of cultural events with the purpose to spread and share culture, promoting tolerance, equality and cohesion, encouraging free-thinking and creativity and contributing to the approach of adults and young people to cultural activities.

Project proposal: “Sophia – la Filosofia in festa” is a philosophical and cultural festival, totally free for all, that brings together some of the most important philosophers and protagonists of contemporary culture. Sophia is addressed to a large public of all ages and is based in Pietrasanta (Lucca, Italy), important cultural and artistic center, in particular in the municipal theatre, in Sant’Agostino’s cloister and across several different locations of the town.

The wish of the festival is to build international relationships with cultural partners actively collaborating with them. For further information, see attachment (docx).

Contact: Franca Polizzano
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