Denmark (EU)

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Rasmussen Nordic

June 15, 2023

Rasmussen Nordic (DK, lead) and Vocalini (PT, partner) are looking for partners for a small/medium-scale cooperation project in the field of performing arts – opera music. Project proposal: Bring opera and music into more childrens’ lives! We want to develop new formats, experiences and art for children, where they meet opera in many different shapes. Children […]

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Danish TV station, Denmark

July 26, 2022

The Danish TV station would like to cooperate as a Creative Europe NEWS Journalism Patnerships project leader or partner. They are looking for partners in the field of TV and Media, Journalism, Media Technology, Diversity in Media.

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March 10, 2022

ALTRIMENTI is a social and cultural space that would like to be teaming up for a cooperation project as a partner esp. in the field of audience development and engagement/social inclusion.

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Between Music, Denmark

January 28, 2022

The Danish music and concert association “Between Music” is looking for a lead partner and local partners to participate in creating a sustainable touring water festival for the Cooperation Projects 2022 call.

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Khora ApS, Denmark

April 2, 2021

A Danish combined virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) production house, store and showroom want to be part of a project that uses virtual and/or augmented reality to create meaningful and engaging visitor experiences. They are open for any call.