The New Media Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Serbia

2.04.2021, Cooperation projects (small) / Multimedia and New Technologies
Reply by Friday, December 31 2021
The New Media Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade would like to participate in cooperation projects as a partner in the field of new media art/ art & science/ visual arts/ curatorial practice/new ways of education/ art theory/ media theory/ artmanagement/ community art/ mobility/ residencies.

Organization: The Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade (FLU) is the oldest high education art institution in Serbia and for the past eight decades it has developed into a highly prestigious institution in this field in Balkan region.
The New Media Department is the newest and now an emerging department. Enhancing the quality of the New Media Department programme has been the main target of the FLU in Belgrade toward achieving international recognition in the field. FLU believes that collaboration can enhance the quality of research and teaching through an exposure to a new perspective and experience of research and teaching.

Further information attached  (pdf).

Contact: Bojana Matejić, PhD, assistant,
Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade – New Media Art Department