11.11.2022, Cooperation projects (small) / Interdisciplinary Projects
Reply by Sunday, December 31 2023
The Spanish association LEITMOTIV-AREA would like to participate as a partner in a small cooperation project. They have a wide experience in Erasmus+, and their fields of expertise are youth and volunteering, social inclusion, social and cultural innovation, education and cultural tourism.

Organization: In LEITMOTIV-MOVEMENT we help you to know it, to develop it it and / or to promote it across the activities that we carry out and across experiences in not formal education area inside programs as ERASMUS +, voluntary works, work camps in Spain or foreign countries etc. One of the objectives is to promote the development and diffusion of all kinds of studies, projects and cultural activities related to cultural and creative industries.

They are looking for experts in social inclusion, social and cultural innovation, education, youth and volunteering to participate in a project in the field of music, arts, architecture, performing arts, visual arts, literature, education, cultural heritage, history, poetry, film, culture, literature, education, social issues …

Further information here (pdf).

Contact: Lucía Martínez Martínez, leitmotivmovement@gmail.com, T: +34645511410
LEITMOTIV-AREA, Spain, FB, IG @ Leitmotiv-Area