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Laterna Magica, Hungary

Hungary (EU)

  • Laterna Magica, Hungary
      • Cultural Heritage
  • Fri., 04.03.2022

Project proposal: With “Re:discover” project we want to bring traditional craftmanship closer to contemporary designers with innovative approaches. European traditional knowledge is an untapped cultural resource that can effectively support the professional development and fulfillment of young artist. By traditional knowledge we also mean methods, the use of tools, materials, forms and patterns, practices and skills, and the relation to natural environment. Furthermore, it also includes folk heritage and folk arts. This transfer of knowledge is necessary for collect, preserve and introduce of these intangible heritage assets to young design professionals and to reach new audiences. With this project, we try not to contrast tradition and modernity but to complement to each other.

Contact: Daniel Biro,
Laterna Magica, W: